Letter: Aspiring to be a happy family - not to be white

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IT SEEMS to me that J Minott- Williams carries an enormous burden of prejudice on his shoulders.

I am a non-white woman married to a white man and we have produced three children for no other reason than we happen to love one another sufficiently to want to marry and procreate. Perhaps Mr Minott-Williams has not grown up enough to consider that mixed race couples produce off- spring for reasons other than the non-white party trying to 'lighten their skin tone' (Letters, 9 August).

Procreating with another from the same ethnic group with the dubious intention of producing 'pure' offspring of whatever colour smacks dangerously of Hitler's ideal of racial purity.

To dismiss the serious step of couples like us having children as an exercise to 'aspire to whiteness' is not only puerile, it is insulting in the extreme to all of those who can, unlike Mr Minott- Williams, see beyond the mere colour of skin.

Jacqui Lister

Southend-on-Sea, Essex