Letter: Asylum-seekers who fall foul of the law

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Sir: Your feature on Campsfield Detention Centre ('A night out in limbo', 25 April) seems to have over-simplified some aspects. Early in the text it is implied that all or most asylum-seekers end up in Campsfield or its companion establishments. In fact, less than 1.5 per cent of applicants do so.

Readers might also form the impression that all the inmates have track records beyond reproach. Many have histories of criminal activity in their own countries. Others have brought themselves to the attention of the authorities in this country, in the course of some malpractice, to be revealed as illegal immigrants. Several have been apprehended importing drugs.

The need for Campsfield may be regrettable. However it represents a responsible and pragmatic response to a phenomenal increase in asylum-seeking and the exponential increase in international crime.

Yours faithfully,



26 April