Letter: Athletics on TV

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Sir: I have to disagree with Peter Lawson (Letters, 24 August) from Kent regarding coverage of the world athletics from Stuttgart. The BBC broadcast the whole range of events, from decathlon to pole vault, discus to steeplechase. Many of the events had no British qualifiers but we were shown repeats of every country's success.

Brendan Foster interviewed Jamaicans, Americans, Ethiopians and Kenyans in the same way as he interviewed the jubilant British athletes. Why shouldn't we be shown the successes of the British athletes time after time; the BBC was proud of them and justly so. We have had little opportunity to view the 'English' cricket successes, haven't we?

Perhaps Mr Lawson was the one who was being selective with his viewing or do we have different coverage here in Wales?

Yours faithfully,


Cowbridge, South Glamorgan