Letter: Australian symbols

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Sir: Australia will become a republic sometime during the remainder of the 20th century - in the opinion of this writer, an English-born Australian, it is a question of when not if (Letters, 18 March). Just as in 1973 when Britain made a hard-headed decision that its long-term future lay with Europe, Australians now understand their future lies in the Asian-Pacific region.

The Royals are the human face of Australia's horse and cart constitution - a colonial document that leaves this young nation ill-equipped to manage its affairs in a rapidly changing world. As such, the growing desire to end the English monarch's role in the government of Australia and remove the Union Jack from the flag should be seen as symbolic of a much broader agenda.

Australians are working towards legal and governmental systems that actually represent this independent and tolerant multicultural nation.

Yours faithfully,


Newtown, New South Wales

17 March