Letter: Back remedy

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LIZ HODGKINSON'S valuable article 'Tangles with a flexible trend' (Review, 26 June) emphasises the dangers of yoga. Her quotes from me need expanding to avoid misinterpretation.

Our research shows that most people with mild back pain benefit from going to general yoga classes (including Sivananda and Iyengar yoga) but a significant percentage have adverse effects.

Many lay people and yoga teachers do not realise that there are several kinds of back pain. An exercise that is beneficial for one back condition may be harmful for another.

Even though ordinary yoga classes are dangerous for certain types of back condition, specially adapted yoga therapy can be very beneficial. The methods we employ have helped many people for whom other methods have failed.

If you have a back problem, and are in doubt about doing yoga, our yoga therapists can assess your condition and advise on how to proceed.

Please note that I am not a fellow of Girton College.

Robin Monro

Yoga Biomedical Trust