Letter: Bad news for a British success

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Sir: A German company had taken possession of the Rover Group; this cannot be good news. At long last we had a company that was winning, that was largely British- owned and that was learning a few vital lessons from the Japanese. It could have been the model for many other British companies and was on the verge of providing proof that Japanese management techniques can and do work here.

If we do not learn that the success of Japanese industrial technique does not rest with their culture, we are in danger of sinking back into uncompetitiveness. I sincerely hope the takeover has come too late for this to happen. As it is, any action that makes this more possible is very bad news for our industrial revival.

As someone beginning to feel proud of a British success story, this sale is terrible news. At least if Honda had gained control, our economy could have contiuned to learn from the Japanese in the same way as we have done in recent years. There are some aspects of industrial management where the British are in advance of other countries. We should not surrender these gains without a fight. I fear the current state of German industry bodes ill for Rover.

Yours sincerely,


London, E3