Letter: Ban all marches to help Ulster

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Sir: Following the breaches of law and order associated with the Drumcree confrontation last July, a fresh wave of communal strife in Northern Ireland arising from dogmatic assertion of a "right to march" threatens to erupt into large-scale violence ("Revenge of the loyalists: Prevented from marching they turn to torching", 6 December).

Police, politicians and the public are agonising over what appears to many an intractable problem. Yet a regrettable, but simple and even-handed remedy is available: the Government could immediately impose a moratorium for an indefinite period on all marches - whether orange, green, black or of any other colour.

Before crying "Foul!", opponents of such a measure should ponder the fact that a tradition which was once a source of legitimate pride and pleasure (and provided displays of unequalled musical talent) has become a source only of fear, hatred and barbarity.