Letter: Banning police pursuits would increase car crime

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The Independent Online
Sir: About two years ago you published an editorial that ran along similar lines to that of 'Police folly on the roads' (4 September). I wish to reply to your most recent attack in a way that reflects my previous response.

Compared with the unequivocal statement you made then, your view has apparently softened to the point where you now believe there is a 'strong case' for banning police pursuits. The overwhelming reason for rejecting this view remains the same.

As you rightly point out, only a fraction of attempts by police to stop a moving car results in a high- speed chase. You seem to be ignoring the fact - surely an obvious one? - that this is only because criminals are fully aware that they will be pursued and probably caught.

Armed with the knowledge that they had met a police patrol that abandons its quarry to look for a more obliging villain, however, it seems highly unlikely that anyone would be stupid enough to stop.

Yours faithfully,


Notting Hill Police Station

London, W11