Letter: Barbarism in the USA

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From Mr Hallam Murray

Sir: The execution of Nick Ingram, scheduled for next Thursday, is a brutal and horrific prospect for another reason that is mentioned neither in your report "Major warned against trying to stop execution" nor in your leader "The Prime Minister and clemency" (both 30 March). Whether or not one is in favour of the death penalty, it must surely be accepted by any civilised person that to be kept on death row for 11 years is completely unacceptable. At 20 years old (very early adulthood), even one year seems like an age. At 31, one is a mature adult and often of a greatly changed character from 11 years earlier.

Even to contemplate a stay of execution of 11 years - from youth to adulthood - is a thought so barbaric that one would not even consider such a punishment for an animal. If John Major does try to intervene on behalf of Mr Ingram, he should give this as his overriding reason.

Yours faithfully,


London, SW11

30 March