Letter : Barcelona has lessons for the rest of us too

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Sir: London is a marvellous capital which every Briton should be proud of, and yet Londoners cannot agree on what sort of state it's actually in.

On the one hand we have those who are currently trying to convince us that London is enjoying a renaissance in culture and fashion, while on the other are those who imply, as in "A capital vision - from Spain" (29 October), that London is somehow in need of rescuing.

With all the attention lavished upon the capital, it is small wonder that Londoners are perceived as arrogant and self-obsessed and the capital consequently despised by many across the nation.

Just how good does London have to be to satisfy its spoilt inhabitants? There is no reason why Birmingham, Sheffield, Leicester and other cities attempting to transform themselves cannot also learn from Barcelona's rejuvenation.

The focus on London's "plight" amounts to a tacit disregard of cities far more in need of such attention. The implication is that we can all go to pot just as long as London twinkles and shines.