Letter: Baron was not sacked as royal photographer

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SOME corrections in Captain Moonlight's report about Baron and Prince Philip ('Baron, Pat and the Duke - her story', 4 April). Baron was never sacked as Court photographer. In fact he took the first photos of the infant Prince Charles.

Around 1947 Baron, with Arthur Christiansen, editor of the Daily Express, Frank Owen, editor of the Daily Mail, James Robertson Justice and others started the Thursday Club. It met once a week at Wheeler's Restaurant in Old Compton Street. Prince Philip joined. I, being blacklisted in the US at the time, was dubbed the Subversive Country Member and, in my honour, whitebait, on the menu, was changed to redbait.

The Moonlight report gives the impression that, after Baron was sacked as royal photographer, which he wasn't, the Thursday Club died, which it didn't. Gradually members just died off and when Bernard Walsh died that started the club's demise. Walsh owned Wheeler's and gave us the second-floor dining room for our club premises.

Larry Adler

London NW1