Letter: Barrister only doing her job

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Sir: I was deeply concerned to read the criticism of a prosecuting barrister ("Women in revealing clothes have no redress, says lawyer", 21 August) for merely doing her job in telling a court what the present law is relating to photography in public places.

What was allegedly said to the court was correct. To criticise the professional competence of the barrister who said it is misguided, and fails to take account of what the proper role of a prosecuting barrister is: it is to assist the court and not to express the barrister's personal opinions.

It may be that in some quarters the current state of the law is disliked. Instead of shooting the messenger, those who are dissatisfied should turn their attention to bringing about a change in the law to remedy its perceived defects.



Association of Women Barristers

Lincoln's Inn

London WC2