Letter: Bath needs sensitive treatment

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The Independent Online
WITH regard to your article by Mark Rowe, "A splash of cash may revive Britain's spas" (9 November), it seems to me that Paul Simons has no idea of what attracts the tourists to Bath, and what Bathonians would regard as an agreeable structure to house the refurbished spas.

Bath has always been a popular tourist attraction. Partly due, without doubt, to the existence of the hot springs which have always been, and always will be, a magnificent natural achievement. But also because of its remarkable architecture and the way in which, over the centuries, any new construction has been built in keeping with existing surroundings (a law enforced by the local planning office).

To place a huge glass structure in the middle of town would take away a large slice of the romantic charm that Bath possesses and would turn the city into yet another millennium spending spree. Is this really what we want for one of Britain's most historical area's?

Oh, and by the by, does Mr Simons expect his building to be standing in a thousand years? Surely not.

Ben Booker