Letter: Battle of the sexes

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Letter: Battle of the sexes

Sir: Yes, men hold more positions of power than women and few men take equal responsibility in the home, but women have enhanced their opportunities enormously in the last twenty years. Even though there is still a long way to go to achieve equality in the "battle of the sexes" (16 May), I line up with David Aaronovitch in his debate with Suzanne Moore.

As feminists we do not advance our cause by making dismissive generalisations about men. Many men have little power over their lives. Most women wish to enjoy relationships based on love and respect with men, be they their fathers, brothers, lovers or sons.

In recent years, the Family Planning Association has been working with boys and young men to ensure their needs are met in sex and relationships education. In the past, these lessons have mainly responded to the needs of girls, and boys have felt excluded. Boys too should have the opportunity to explore their understanding of what it is to be male, to learn about their feelings and about relationships.

Focusing on women and brushing aside the issues faced by men will get us nowhere. We must value both men and women, if we are to achieve a better balance in our relationships.


Chief Executive

Family Planning Association

London N1