Letter: Battle of the sexes

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Letter: Battle of the sexes

Sir: Sophy Robinson ("The things men do (and don't)", 13 May) is a typical example of the warped logic that vilifies men in general and fathers in particular. Her husband has a stressful job in the City in order to earn enough money to keep his family in the style to which they are accustomed. He is also "a wonderful Dad" who plays an active part in family life by looking after the children, taking them out, reading to them, attending school events, gardening, house repair and maintenance, and still he is made to feel guilty about the things he doesn't do.

A more productive (and fairer) approach would be if the Robinsons asked themselves whether they really need all the trappings of a two-income household. If they were prepared to do without their second car, the cleaner and the nanny, the skiing holiday and all the rest of it, he could seriously consider "downscaling" to a less stressful (part-time) job that would give him more time to take on some of the tasks she resents so much.