Letter: Battle of the sexes

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Sir: What does it achieve to denounce all aspects of masculinity as pathetic (Suzanne Moore, "Sex war", 16 May)? I am 17. I cannot speak for the whole of womankind, but my view is that the obstacles to be faced have not been placed there by a male conspiracy. Our society and culture are currently putting forward an extremely positive view of women. The new lad is seen as sad. Men lack decent role models. Women have many to aspire to.

This could be viewed as acceptable revenge after centuries of sexual inequality. But the youth of 1998 are not to blame for the male chauvinist pigs of yesteryear. The shift in attitudes has been accomplished, so why can't we leave it at that?

Inequality still exists (especially beyond the Western world). Moore's strategy is the lest constructive way to deal with it. She says: "I've got better things to do than to be positive about male sexuality." Let's hope that she can find better things to than be eternally critical of it.

I hope my generation does not take the easy option. A matriarchy is no better than a patriarchy. Everyone should be accepted and appreciated for their full worth as human beings.