Letter: Battlefields that must be defended

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Sir: Your leading article yesterday ('Let the battlefields rest in peace') omits one site well worthy, for a very special and perhaps unique reason, of inclusion in your list: that of the Battle of Flodden.

No one passing through Bannockburn can fail to see the lofty monument celebrating the great and glorious victory of the Scots over the invading English, but how many motorists travelling for the first time from Wooler to Coldstream are aware that they are passing by the site of an equally crushing defeat of a Scots army invading England?

Those who do stop at that deserted, peaceful spot and walk a little way up the grassy hill will come to no proud edifice, but a large boulder, and read upon it the simple inscription: 'To the brave of both nations'. I found those words, which I quote from memory but think are correct, very fitting and moving.

Yours sincerely,


New Mills,


7 August