Letter: Be positive, don't damn the yobs

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Sir: I hold no brief for the 'yob culture' referred to by the Prime Minister ('Major calls for 'anti- yob culture' to cut crime', 10 September), any more than for the 'yuppie culture' of the Thatcher years. But I suggest that John Major should now define his so- called 'anti-yob culture'.

This definition should be couched in constructive terms, which relate it to the community, and Mr Major should give his 'culture' a title that is not socially divisive.

If he clarifies his thoughts along these lines, perhaps the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary will inform themselves about the excellent work being done by partnerships of the social, probation and youth services, as well as the police forces, in many towns and cities. Until recently, such community programmes were actively encouraged, some of them with financial support, by the Government itself.

'Anti' measures are certainly necessary to prevent and curb crime. Changes in culture call for a positive approach that will encourage our country's alienated youth to believe that they have a role to play in our society.

Yours sincerely,


House of Lords

London, SW1

11 September