Letter: Benazir Bhutto: despot or peace-keeper?

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Sir: It is wrong to say that the law and order problem in Karachi is a "tribal war between Mohajirs and the largely Sindi government security forces" (Section Two, 13 July).

In the first place it cannot be called a "tribal war" at all - the government's peace-keeping efforts in Karachi are just that - peace-keeping efforts. Secondly, the Karachi police and paramilitary Rangers are not "Sindi". Both the forces are made up of Mohajirs, Punjabis, Sindis, Pathans and Balochis.

Altaf Hussain has stated inaccuracies in the interview. He says he has always believed that non-violence is the best weapon. Well, Mr Hussain exhorted his party-men to arm themselves as far back as 23 October 1986.

He says that Urdu was banned as an official language. In fact Urdu was and is the national language of Pakistan, including Sind. If Z. A. Bhutto promoted Sindi, a language rich in poetry and literature, what is so wrong in it? Many millions of Mohajirs, Punjabis, Balochis and Pathans who live in Sind speak Sindi too.

The fact is that Sindis, Punjabis, Mohajirs, Balochis and Pathans lived in peace and harmony before Altaf Hussain appeared.

Your sincerely,

Kamran Shafi


High Commission

for Pakistan

London, SW1

20 July