Letter: Benefits of single-tier local authorities

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Sir: I refer to the letter from county councillor Janet Todd (26 April), supporting the retention of the two-tier system in Oxfordshire. She apparently forgot to mention that three of the remaining Oxfordshire MPs - Robert Jackson, John Patten and Andrew Smith - strongly support the review and the concept of single-tier authorities. Tony Baldry, quite rightly because of his ministerial role, has to be more circumspect in the expression of his views on this subject, but is believed to also support single-tier


With respect to the views of the public, the Mori poll did find a comparatively low awareness of the review among those interviewed, only 36 per cent claiming to know about it. Yet more than one in three of those interviewed (35 per cent) agreed with the need to change to unitary local government.

Councillor Todd also neglected to state that all the councils in Oxfordshire - both district and county - have come out in favour of unitary authorities. The county wishes to have a single authority. The districts are unanimously agreed on four authorities as representing the best solution for the future of local government in Oxfordshire.

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Association of District Councils

Oxfordshire County Branch

Abingdon, Oxfordshire