Letter: Benetton branding

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Sir: I was incensed by the explanation given by Marina Galanti of Benetton (letter, 14 January) for their current advertising campaign. How can these advertisements communicate such worthy sentiments as 'a plea for more caution' and 'our well-being comes at an exceedingly high price' when the visual is juxtaposed with Benetton branding?

The images by themselves are powerful and thought-provoking. It is the Benetton branding that is offensive, as it trivialises and degrades the pictures - no matter how much the company likes to pretend otherwise. Since this campaign has upset and angered so many people over the many months it has been run, I find Benetton's 'dismay' at the negative reaction hard to believe.

If Benetton wants to communicate on 'issues of global concern', it would do far better to use sponsorship, where the emphasis is more on the issue and the branding comes second, not the other way around.

Yours faithfully,


Thames Ditton, Surrey