Letter: Better Queen Anne than King Charles

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Sir: The ITV programme on the Prince of Wales re-emphasised that he is unfit to be king. If we want a head of state who is free to express personal opinions, we should have the chance to vote for a president. Prince Charles either does not, or wishes not, to understand the role of the Royal Family in a constitutional monarchy. A conspicuous non-achiever, he takes every media opportunity to broadcast his ill-informed opinions on subjects he knows nothing about. The Queen, on the other hand, is the epitome of a constitutional monarch, and long may she reign.

It is time to change the constitution, to remove the primacy of the first-born, and male heirs. It is time to ask Prince Charles to step down in favour of Princess Anne, who has shown, with enormous dignity, how to perform successfully, whether as a competitor in the Olympics or President of Save the Children. We have done well with our Queens, so let us stick with a winning formula.

Yours faithfully,


South Barrow, Somerset

30 June