Letter: Beyond the Dome

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GRAHAM Wrathmell (letter, 27 February) criticises the Dome and asks where are the sports events, design, engineering and science, and arts projects for the Millennium.

The Dome is the single biggest project funded by the Millennium Commission and less attention has yet been given to the other projects which will take up the other 80 per cent of Millennium Commission funding. We are funding 186 capital projects including a new world-class stadium in Cardiff to host the Rugby World Cup in 1999, new art galleries such as the new Tate at Bankside (which I believe will be the best modern art gallery in the world) and many science centres such as the International Centre for Life in Newcastle.

Overall, the Commission is investing pounds 2,000m in projects all over the country for the millennium and while the Dome will be the focus of international attention, we should not underplay these important projects already in construction across the UK.


Director, Policy and Corporate Affairs

The Millennium Commission

London SW1