Letter: Bike cities of the future

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Sir: The recent letters from those who perceive all cyclists to be law-breakers couldn't be due to jealousy, could they? After years of woeful provision we are finally getting at least some of the cycle-friendly amenities common on the Continent. Last week in Sunderland, a dual-carriageway road was made into single-carriageway after a cycle lane was installed. This, quite naturally, enrages some motorists.

However, provision for cyclists will encourage some motorists to cycle rather than drive. When 15 per cent of the traffic is made up of cyclists (York sometimes comes close), city centres are transformed for the better. Cars can no longer break the law by speeding - too many people in the way - and cyclists and pedestrians can travel in safety, persuading even more people to choose transport options other than the motor car.


Publisher, "On Yer Bike"

Newcastle upon Tyne