Letter: Bikes, walkers and cars claim right of way

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Sir: As I work with people whose lives have been destroyed by being knocked down by careless drivers and as a close relation was killed in the same way at the age of 18, I never really read through moaning articles from those who have been slightly inconvenienced by zealous or even by over-zealous traffic police.

On a brighter note, I would like John Walsh to know that buses are wonderful. You get to your destination almost as fast as by traffic jam, with the added benefit of exercise from the bit you have to walk. You can make a game of getting to know bizarre, convoluted bus routes and how to chop and change depending on how much time you have. You get to see parts that you never knew existed.

He may even strike up conversations with interesting people, including other punished drivers like himself. After such an exciting year, he'll sell his car and be done with it.


London N7