Letter: Bill disabled by skulduggery

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Sir: As a disabled person who knows and meets with all parties concerned in the Civil Rights (Disabled Persons) Bill which received such scandalous treatment in the House of Commons, I would make the following comments:

First, the number of Members who were actually in the House during the reading is a bad reflection of the true interest and understanding of the majority of MPs on questions of disability. Perhaps if all those who were in the House subsequently calling for Nicholas Scott's resignation had given the same priority to the Bill, the outcome might not have been quite so unfortunate.

Second, in view of the unfortunate death of John Smith, whose last words in anger in the House were directed at Mr Scott and his colleagues, it may be time for MPs of all colours to reflect on their integrity and the part of the constitution which that such unbelievable political skulduggery.

Maybe the final irony is that I, in common with other people with disabilities, am aware that Mr Scott is probably the best advocate that we could wish for from his side of the House. He would have been cringeing at Lady Olga Maitland's misguided and ill-informed address.

At the end of the day, it is John Major who has to remember that his party is accountable to the electorate and there is a limited number of times they can intellectually forgive.

Yours faithfully,


Chelmsford, Essex

13 May