Letter: Black and Jewish alarm

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From Mr Lee Jasper and others

Sir: As a group of Black and Jewish people we are alarmed by recent developments. No sooner has the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police issued highly selective statistics on the allegedly disproportionate involvement of young black men in so-called muggings, than the Home Secretary announces sinister plans to recruit social workers, teachers and doctors as arms of the immigration services.

We cannot help but wonder whether the intention is to resurrect the stereotypical myth of black people as illegals and criminals. This scapegoating of particular communities at times of political difficulties is something both our communities have experienced many times in many places. We recognise the dangers, and fear the consequences.

Yours faithfully,

Lee Jasper, Imam A. Sajid, Edie Friedman, June Jacobs, Francesca Klug, Clifford Headley

Black-Jewish Forum

London, W1