LETTER : Blackmailed into Europe A German threat to rebuff

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NEAL ASCHERSON tells us that: "The German political class thinks that united Germany is too big for a Europe of nations, and that Europe will only be safe if their country is integrated into a full Union" (Dear Malcolm, it's time to ditch all those tired Foreign Office notions", 9 July). What a fascinating form of blackmail. Unite with us voluntarily or look forward to a second Hitler. The classic "we'll make you an offer you can't refuse".

That threat is entirely redundant: the pretence that it is not was the lie on which the EEC was based and promoted. Among many other reasons, nuclear weapons made it redundant.

He is wrong to say that the whole of Europe is praying loudly that the Conservatives will lose the next election. Many, like me, see the Eurosceptics as our salvation, making up for the total lack of moral courage of our own pathetic Government. God grant them safe passage back to Westminster in 1997.

Aine Ni Chonaill

Rosscarbery, Co Cork, Ireland