Letter: Blair is still way off target

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IF WE are going to fight ethnic cleansing, we must do it consistently, professionally and above all legally. If we don't, then we are as bad as, if not worse than, those we judge. Nato has failed in these three aspects.

Consistency: Nato ignored the liquidation of Serb areas in Krajina. Many claim this does not justify what Milosevic is doing now. However, Milosevic was promised (by the Dayton agreement) no interference in Kosovo, on condition that he didn't react to the ethnic cleansing by the Croatians. We led him to believe that ethnic cleansing was permissible. Professionalism: Nato bombing of refugees, civilians, embassy staff, TV station staff and even the KLA is at best a military disgrace and at worst war crimes. Legality: Nato failed to get a UN security council resolution. This is against international law and seriously damages the reputation of the UN. This war is not about saving the Albanian civilians - it's about saving Nato credibility.


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