Letter: Blair is still way off target

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YOUR PROPHETIC editorial "This is not a just war", published on 28 March, has largely vindicated those who believe in law and order internationally. Last week you extended the hospitality of your pages to the US ambassador ("America the dutiful", 23 May). He asks us to believe that the US continues to do its part "promoting democracy, peace and progress" (even in Yugoslavia?); that "the US commitment is comprehensive and concrete"; and that "more than 600 planes and 30,000 troops are supporting the action in Yugoslavia ... US pilots are flying half of all the combat missions ... and our contribution to strategic and command control systems is unmatched".

But if the US is so proud of what it is doing in Yugoslavia, will it also be prepared to accept the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice in The Hague? After more than two months of relentless and indiscriminate bombing which has wrought some $100bn of damage on Yugoslavia's frail economy, and the consequent disruption of all neighbouring countries, would the ambassador agree that we rightly expect the law to tell us in no uncertain terms exactly who will have to pay up? To have indicted Mr Milosevic is only half the job. The other half is clearly still pending. For just as there isn't a shred of legitimacy in Serbia's actions in Kosovo there is none in Nato's inhumanity either.


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