Letter: Blair's new Labour looks like old Labour

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Sir: There is, as one might expect, nothing in Tony Blair's article (27 April) to cause alarm, but I am extremely alarmed by what is left out.

Nowhere in his account of the past or his vision of the future does he mention the environment. Yet surely the biggest realisation of the last few years is that we are systematically destroying the natural systems that support life on earth?

The Labour Party has recognised that profitability is an inadequate measure of success because it ignores social effects. But until they see that their "new social morality" needs a serious environmental content, they remain fiddling at the edges of something fundamentally flawed and ultimately destructive.

The Liberal Democrats are the only mainstream party who are overhauling their manifesto to include consideration of environmental sustainability in every area of policy.

Councillor David Gordon

Liberal Democrats

Somerset County Council

Hinton St George,