Letter: 'Blasphemy' in broadcasting

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Sir: Last Saturday week BBC Radio 5, on its 1.30 comedy programme, presented a sketch which was a hash-up of the Lord giving Moses the Ten Commandments.

This Sunday the ITV authorities are apparently allowing the producers of Spitting Image to depict the character of Jesus Christ. I gather there is already a regular part given over to God.

Could I ask if the relevant authorities would let us know their policy in this area? Such blasphemy does cause offence to not an inconsiderable number of people who, as far as the BBC is concerned, pay for their licences and should have some say in what is broadcast or screened.

And, though in no way would I wish the media to cause offence to the Muslim community, could I through your columns ask whether a puppet would be allowed to depict the person of Mohammed and permission given for a satirical treatment of the Koran? If, hopefully, the answer is no, could I be informed on what grounds this is allowed for the Bible and the person of Jesus Christ?

Yours sincerely,


The Tabernacle

Worthing, West Sussex