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I HOPE I can comment on a couple of points in Judith Palmer's supportive piece on The South Bank Show's forthcoming programme on "Body Art".

There is no "unscreened documentary" on the miners' strike made by Ken Loach. The programme I commissioned and edited was put out on Channel 4.

"Body Art" did not cause LWT executives "a headless panic", it raised valid complex issues which needed time to address.

I cannot imagine that Judith Palmer has been watching The South Bank Show if she thinks it is characterised by Elaine Page, The Bee Gees and Michael Flatley. Some of our recent programmes have featured the artists Gillian Wearing and Gary Hume, John Adams, Saul Zaentz, Beryl Bainbridge and Nigel Kennedy - this since Christmas.

I think that Dan Wiles' use of the word "obscure" for the excellent programme on Seamus Heaney may have been a touch ironic.


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