Letter: `Bomber' postage stamps: a flight into controversy

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Sir: The "obnoxious" actions of RAF bombers, depicted on the new Royal Mail stamps which Eamonn Molloy and Nick Hunt object to (Letters, 11 June), helped to ensure that they and their like are now free men.

The compatriots of their friends in Germany were fully behind Hitler when he was winning. Hitler could not have achieved so much without the full co-operation of the German people. Mr Molloy and Mr Hunt would not be enjoying the freedom of education and speech they now have had it not been for the sacrifice made by millions of men and women throughout the world. I survived the war but am still suffering the effects of German barbarity whilst a prisoner of war.

People like Mr Molloy and Mr Hunt should keep their comments to themselves, at least until my generation has all gone.


Swinton, South Yorkshire