Letter: Bootleg Stones

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Sir: David Lister claims that he has heard tracks by the Rolling Stones "unheard outside the BBC for more than 30 years" (report, 7 January). He has not had quite such a unique listening experience as he supposes.

Just over 20 years ago I bought a bootleg EP on the TMQ (Trademark of Quality) label from a shop in Manchester which includes some of the tracks played to David Lister. As you can see from the sleeve of the record, the tracks are "Cops and Robbers" (recorded on 19 March 1964 and broadcast on 9 May 1964), and three tracks broadcast on the BBC's Saturday Club, "Memphis Tennessee" and "Roll over Beethoven" from 5 October 1963 and "Fanny Mae" from 18 September 1963.

The quality of the record is excellent and I'm sure many Stones fans who may not have ever heard these tracks are eagerly looking forward to their official release.


Walsall, West Midlands