Letter: Bosses binge in a classless society

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MAY I thank Russell Hotten for his article 'Largesse from the boardrooms' and Richard Thomson for 'Ten ways to say pay rise', (Business, 2 May).

While this Government abolishes Wages Councils, imposes limits on public sector salary increases and rejects the Social Chapter in the Maastricht treaty, is there any wonder that our 'classless society' sees the ever- widening gap between the haves and have-nots with growing frustration and disillusion.

The Prime Minister's remarks that he would expect the new heads of privatised industries and directors of large companies to restrict their pay have obviously fallen on deaf ears, and anyway were only a sop to public anger.

If employees and their unions were given a fairer input and share of the wealth their companies make, maybe these greedy individuals could be brought down to earth a little. Their salary increases and perks are quite obscene.


Ivybridge, Devon