Letter: Boycott of Israel

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your report on the Arab boycott of Israel contained an error of fact or, at best, a serious ambiguity, about the role this chamber plays in Arab-British trade ('Arab states still clinging to Israel boycott', 4 December).

This chamber does not help British exporters to 'avoid' the economic boycott. We do not provide an advisory service on this matter. Our function in this area is a technical one: to carry out the certification procedures for exports to the Arab states, in accordance with the rules laid down by each state.

The certification rules which we apply, like the issue of the boycott itself, are not matters for Chambers of Commerce to decide. These lie entirely within the decision-making powers of each sovereign state.

Yours faithfully,


Secretary-General and Chief Executive

Arab-British Chamber of Commerce

London, SW1

8 December