Letter: Boys hit back

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Sir: Suzanne Moore ("Boys. They never get the joke", 14 November) laments that there are not enough "adverts which show women being violent towards men". The piece appears under a Micra advert in which a man is clutching his groin in agony after having borrowed his girlfriend's new car.

I confess that the advert caused me little (all right, no) anxiety at the time, but I would be extremely surprised if a similar one depicting a woman clutching a sensitive area of her anatomy would not have sent Ms Moore into stratospheric heights of rage.

Does she not realise that the most appropriate female reaction to such adverts is not necessarily to imitate the boorish males that she is supposed to despise? Sauce for the goose may well be sauce for the gander, but why not aspire to hollandaise rather than HP?


Holywood, Co Down