Letter: Bra Wars blaze out anew

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Bra Wars blaze out anew

Sir: Time to launch a salvo into the Bra Wars ("Breast beating and tantrums in ad land", 12 June).

Despite the claims of Trevor Beattie, Sam Hurford and Murray Partridge with regard to the origin of the Wonderbra "Hello Boys" advertising campaign, one need look no further than Mel Brooks. His film Blazing Saddles (1974) contains a scene where Brooks, as the corrupt Governor William J Le Petomane, is asked to sign a bill to "snatch 200,000 acres of Indian Territory".

He suddenly turns to his bikini-clad secretary, seated alongside him, peers deeply into her cavernous cleavage and says: "Hello, boys ... Have a good night's rest?... I missed you." This leaves the claims of the aforementioned advertising creatives totally without support. Sorry, boys.


London W2