Letter: Brewing up ageism over the weekend

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Sir: I suppose that because it was a bank holiday weekend you thought it worth giving such prominence to a rather trivial article on Southwold (Weekend, 29 August). Being very fond of the town, I was interested enough to read it, but apalled to come across the following paragraph:

LUNCH TIME. The daily inhabitants of Southwold's row of pastel-coloured beach huts (which sell at up to pounds 8,000 each) are brewing up. Toothless retirees in coats and paisley headscarves are sucking potted beef rolls.

I think that is an extremely offensive, but alas fairly typical, example of the creeping ageism in our society; terms such as 'wrinklies' or 'blue-rinse and Crimplene brigade' are becoming quite common. I hope that now your attention has been drawn to this matter you will agree that such prejudice is inappropriate in the pages of your newspaper.

Yours faithfully,


Brentwood, Essex