Letter: Britain still needs its Green Party

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Sir: Sara Parkin put nearly 20 years into the Green Party. I know, because I was there when she joined. Some of her criticisms ('Dear Green Party', 29 September) have a grain of truth, but, as she says, the question is what should the party - and Sara herself - be doing?

She and I joined, before the Green Party had developed any real characteristics, because there was a need for a political party that placed sustainability as its central theme. That there is still such a need was demonstrated by the Liberal Democrat conference. Debates on unemployment and tax and benefits were completely unrelated to the otherwise quite good environmental debate, thereby totally undermining its value.

The Green Party may contain the factions that Sara lampoons, but it would more quickly 'abandon the virtual- reality goggles' if she were to urge more moderate sympathisers to join, and outnumber the members she does not like.

Yours faithfully,


Batley & Spen Green Party

Batley, West Yorkshire