Letter: Britain's 'two nations' revisited

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Sir: Over here from Canada for the first time in years, I have been shown around by my hosts. They took me just a few miles to an exciting political spot. Visiting the Tatton constituency I found a higher concentration of new German executive cars than anywhere I can think of in Canada. It seemed that a little "sleaze" was a small price to pay for so much general wealth.

I later visited former mining and industrial areas that I had long ago recalled as tight-knit, real "communities". Many were devastated by crime, drug-users and unemployment. Is this the "two nations" of which Disraeli spoke? I heard of hospital bed losses, failing schools, sick folk dying in ambulances. Then I read The Independent of Friday, 11 April.

It amazes me that Polly Toynbee found people suffering and yet unprepared to vote. These same people now have 2 million more people between them and a job than in 1979. They must pay VAT - though they probably do not pay income tax - so all the tax cuts work against them. Yet your Conservatives are safe from their wrath ... ours were kicked to oblivion in 1993.

God help you if you will not help yourselves.


Crewe, Cheshire