Letter: British National Party's campaign on the Isle of Dogs

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Sir: If Clive Heemskerk (letter, 31 March) thinks that the people of Millwall would prefer a Militant Labour Party, his head needs testing.

My late husband, Harry Luxton, fought long and hard to get the Militants removed from Millwall Labour Party, where their activities blighted the party for many years. His were not the 'shout out loud and go on loads of marches' campaigns of the Militant tendency but were campaigns of strategy that involved taking the arguments up fully with the opposition and using sensible tactics to make one's views felt. Had he still been alive, I am convinced that the British National Party would not have won the Millwall seat, as the local people would have listened to what he had to say, and voted accordingly.

Yours faithfully,


London, E14

31 March

The writer has been a member of the Millwall Labour Party for 24 years.