Letter: British warships stranded abroad

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British warships stranded abroad

Sir: Ever since Mr Major announced the return of the Stone of Scone to Scotland there has been discussion of the return of other historic artefacts. Egypt has asked for the return of the Rosetta Stone. But there are numerous British artefacts in foreign museums or still in use in foreign countries.

The Historic Warship Preservation Society was set up to preserve ex-Royal Navy Second World War warships. There are very few remaining. Two are HMS Zenith (Z Class destroyer) and HMS Whimbrel (Black Swan Class frigate). Both are in the Egyptian navy as training ships. When we asked about the possibility of purchasing them when they are no longer of use to the Egyptian navy the answer was unhelpful in the extreme.

These ships are the last of their classes and are parts of our nautical heritage. If when their navy no longer needs these ships they send them to the scrapyard we should not return any artefacts to them.



Historic Warship Preservation Society

Newquay, Cornwall