LETTER: Bruno the hero deserves a title

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From Mr Richard Mort

Sir: After witnessing one of the most courageous and thrilling events in British sporting history - namely the victory of Frank Bruno over Oliver McCall at Wembley Stadium - I believe there is a new name in our roll- call of sporting legends ("Bruno survives to inherit his fortune", 4 September).

Often the most positive aspects of the British nation and its people are the pride and determination we show to overcome hardship and challenge. No one has shown more of these qualities than Frank Bruno.

In requesting his nomination for a knighthood, I believe that I reflect the feelings of the vast majority of the country - not simply the sports fans who watched the boxing, but people who recognise greatness in character and achievement.

No one is more deserving of this award than Frank, who has risen to become Britain's most popular sports personality from humble beginnings and displays a humility which puts him far ahead of many of his contemporaries.

There have not been many times recently when I can say I have been proud to be British. Last Saturday night was one of them.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Mort


4 September