LETTER : Brussels is no picnic Real life among the MEPs

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ANNA BLUNDY'S assertion that all EU researchers are xenophobic is not true ("Researchers wanted: parties, politics and a knack for doing nothing", 9 July). Brussels is an international city containing more than just the EU institutions, and the social lives of many assistants reflect this.

There are researchers here from 15 member states. This has led to a range of employment practices. However, we are represented by a single association that can negotiate on our behalf.

Instead of interviewing assistants from different member states, Ms Blundy seems to have focused on a small number employed by a particular group of British MEPs. The attitudes expressed by the assistants in this article are not representative.

Most assistants spend their time drafting speeches, articles, amendments and reports. The hours are often long but we enjoy strong support across nationalities and political groups.

L Hilditch and 54 EU researchers