Letter: BSE: Europe should share the burden of compensation

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Sir: The Government is as yet undecided how best to deal with the appalling problem of BSE and the possible risk of CJD to the British people resulting from its own policies on deregulation.

It has, however, taken one decisive step. It has requested financial help from the EU for 100,000 farmers facing ruin. Douglas Hogg is reported as saying: "I shall be looking to the European Union for financial support should we require a great deal of public expenditure."

Well good luck, Mr Hogg! One can well imagine the reaction in Britain, and particularly in the British tabloid press, to any suggestion that British taxpayers be asked to contribute to a fund to compensate French (or German or Italian) farmers as a result of such a fiasco in their country.

J A Coker

Aldbourne, Wiltshire