Letter: BSE scare

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Sir: Once again we see the Government unable to give a sensible response to the BSE crisis ("Beef on the bone is banned in new scare", 4 December). We are told every step has been taken to eliminate affected cattle from the food chain. We are also told that the chance of getting BSE-related CJD from the tissues newly under suspicion is minimal. Given these assurances, why do the Government propose to ban cuts of beef on the bone?

Why do they not simply inform us of the situation and let us make our own minds up as to whether or not to buy and eat beef on the bone? Personally, I like oxtail and other bone-bearing meats. I wouldn't stop eating them, even given the Government's warnings, because I'm prepared to take the risk, which I believe for me is vanishingly small. I'm 63.


Ilkley, West Yorkshire