Letter: BSkyB is regulated by ITC

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JASON NISSE ('Media magnates await their cue', Business, 9 January) states that BSkyB is neither a British broadcaster nor covered by the Broadcasting Act. In fact, BSkyB's channels are licensed and regulated by the Independent Television Commission under the Act. BSkyB is also subject to the jurisdiction of the UK's Broadcasting Standards Council and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission under the Act and various other regulatory bodies.

The Broadcasting Act recognised that it is inappropriate to apply traditional cross-media restrictions to those using abundant international satellite frequencies in a competitive and open-entry market.

Mr Nisse is wrong to suggest that BSkyB's market position is analogous to one group owning Tesco, Safeway, Sainsbury and Waitrose. Since the Broadcasting Act was passed, the ITC has licensed 120 satellite and cable programme channels. BSkyB owns but a few of these. BSkyB's commitment to satellite television has made it easier for others to launch.

Ray Gallagher

Director of Public Affairs


Isleworth, Middlesex