Letter: Bulgaria still has a monarchy

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Sir: In his intelligent article 'The once and future kings?' (30 December), Jonathan Eyal refers to the fact that several of the Balkan republics have no historical right to exist as republics at all. He specifically mentions Romania, but the case of Bulgaria is clearer still.

The 19th century Tarnovo Constitution, which guaranteed a Bulgarian constitutional monarchy, was never legally repealed and remains in theory the only legitimate constitution of Bulgaria. This fact has been raised before the Council of Europe by its Bulgarian member, Lutchezar Toshev, who is also an MP in his own country. For his pains, the Bulgarian government has accused him of treason; this I take to be an endorsement of the strength of his argument.

Mr Toshev tells me that about a quarter of Bulgarian MPs are actively monarchist, while a further 50 per cent do not object to monarchy but do object to the way in which crypto-Communists have hijacked their country under the guise of reforms which never seem to take place.

I remain, Sir,

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The Monarchist League

London, WC1

30 December